Friday, March 8, 2013

That means so much to me that you would take your precious time to wish me Happy Birthday! Thanks so much & back at you and your loved ones!
I have to cheat and say it to you now, Happy Birthday! I am always at such a time deficit to keep up with even my own.  I remember the time I argued a friend down that it wasn't my birthday and it was!   I always share with my wife, every day, how grateful I am to be alive when I realize how many people in the world do not have any of the benefits of clean water, food, money, shelter, etc.

I thought deeply about it,  I have at least five friends who are not here today (in recent months)... and it doesn't feel right that I had an answer to their problem but didn't know they were sick until they were gone.  So on this celebration of  life, I hope you will please allow me to share one of the best gifts I have ever received with you.  This is what saved my wife,  uncle,  possibly me, and definitely so many of my friends lives from death....esp. with cancer.  From a cuts to colds to cancer, arthritis to AIDS, asthma, kidney failure, pneumonia, most anything that can be helped by the balancing of the  immune system... the results are often amazing. Call me if you have questions.  During my wife's health challenges over the years, I developed personal relationships with a few of the world's top published and recognized doctors that integrated  these alternatives in their practices.  I know this inside and out...I live it everyday!   I love you, take care of yourselves --and your loved ones.
This for me is ministry. Don't even think about it for business...there are many more lucrative things I could offer you for that. I just want to make sure you have a parachutte on...if for any reason your plane suffers engine trouble!
Don't forget prayer... which supersedes everthing!  Please get a cheap bottle of TF Classic for the colds, flu, sore throat bugs, etc. We've been 7 yrs. without one... can you imagine?
See the videos and please take time to listen to the recording...share them with your family members, too:  
Happy Celebration of YOUR Life!